Animal Intakes and Admissions

Please call us at 319-356-5295 before bringing an animal to the shelter.

Stray Animals


If you find a stray pet, please call ahead to make sure you can bring it in.  If we are unable to take it here, we may have suggestions for other shelters or rescues. We'll accommodate stray intakes as quickly as possible.


We are able to assist with injured or sick wildlife in Iowa City. Please call if you have other questions regarding wildlife-we may be able to  help or direct you to other resources like the Iowa DNR or humane wildlife control companies.

Owned Animals

Relinquishing To Our Shelter

We firmly believe that bringing your pet to a shelter should always be a last resort. While all animals are treated and cared for humanely at our facility, a shelter is a stressful and frightening place for a pet who has been living in a home environment. We are committed to helping reduce stress for pets and offer resources for owners looking to surrender their pets. 

We do not euthanize for space or time constraints, but can only take in as many animals as are adopted. Please ask us about other options before surrendering your pet. 

Owner surrenders to our shelter are by appointment only.

Home To Home

Rehoming a pet is not always an easy decision and can be stressful for both the owner and animal. If you are struggling to find a new home for your pet, Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center wants to help. We have partnered with Home To Home™  to give you a good option to rehome your pet without having to bring the animal to the shelter. Using Home To Home™  reduces stress  for pets and the shelter, lets YOU decide who will be the new owner, and allows your pet's new guardian the chance to get firsthand information from you. The service is free for both owners and adopters. For more information and to list your pet as available, please visit: Home To Home™