Ahmar & Allaglla (Bonded Pair)

Two cats snuggling
Two cats curled up in a small bed together
Two cats curled up together on a cat bed

Ahmar and Allagalla came to us as a result of a change in their home that lead to them no longer being able to keep them. We did not have the space at the shelter to give them a cage together, so we sent them to foster. Here is what their foster has to say about them:

They two are sweet, tenderhearted, toothless old men, who still love to chase a wand toy, and although they are not much for lap cats, they crave attention and just want to be in the same room as people and all of the action. They are not shy, nor are they scared - they seem to have come from a very busy vibrant home, because I have yet to find anything that phases them. It would be best for these bonded boys to go home together .

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Animal Information

Gender Males
Age 11 years old
Looks Like
Domestic short hair, Brown and White (Ahmar), Grey and white (Allagalla)
Care Environment
Spayed / Neutered
Litter Box Trained