Brown tabby cat sitting on red rug, playing with a white string
Greened eyed brown tabby cat resting on window ledge
Greened eyed brown tabby cat resting on window ledge

Cedar is a long slim lanky bundle of joy, with a kitten face and sleek soft tan tabby coat.

Very playful like a kitten, but loves cuddling and being near people.

He also has a cute unique wiggle flip flop slide drop motion.

With playing hard is sleeping hard, often on one's chest, in the crook of an arm, or with his little face tucked into a neck.

He is social and wants to be involved in every activity of the people around him. He greets his humans at the door with a meow hello.

He plays well by himself, but prefers playing with people.

He likes lots of toys, especially small cloth mice and strings strings strings. Every string is a toy.

Let yourself laugh and your heart grow with this guy around.

Cedar is FIV +, but we expect he will live a long, happy life. FIV is only transmissible to other cats through blood drawing bite wounds. 

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Animal Information

Gender Male
Age 1 Year
Looks Like
Domestic Short Hair, Brown Tabby
Care Environment
Spayed / Neutered
Litter Box Trained