Don't let those ears fool you she is a sweet cat with a little special characteristic.
Glade came in to us with one ear already crinkled due to damage and the other ear had a hematoma starting. She went to surgery to fix this problem, but the side effect of that is now the other here will  floppy. 
Glade spent time in a foster home while recovering. During her stay she become friends with the other cat in the house through proper introduction.  
Number one favorite thing is being on your shoulders!!! She is the cat staff goes to for some extra love when they need it, and boy does she know how to make a person feel better!

She is in a foster home at the moment , but can still be applied for and we can set up a visit. 
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Animal Information

Gender Female
Age 1 year
Looks Like
Domestic Medium Hair
Care Environment
Spayed / Neutered
Litter Box Trained