dark brown and white pit bull happy
pride bandana pit bull
dark brown and white pit bull happy

Crate is a sweet, energetic man who was left tied up outside with another dog. He is a large boy who is currently working on his manners. Crate is a solid 70 pounds and needs to learn basic skills. He loves to run around and play but can sometimes become overstimulated. Crate will thrive in a home with stability and one who is dedicated to being with him. Crate enjoys running around outside playing and being able to roam as he pleases. He enjoys going for walks (though he can pull with excitement) and loves to use his nose! Scent work or brain games at home will work wonders for this boy and is sure to entertain him! If you’re looking for a go-getter, Crate is your boy!

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Gender Male
Age 3 years old
Looks Like Pit Bull mix
Care Environment Indoor / Outdoor
Spayed / Neutered Yes