Dog Parks

Area Dog Parks

Dog Park Rules

  1. All dogs must:
    • Be fully vaccinated for rabies
    • Display a permit for use of the park
    • Be accompanied by a responsible person at least 16 years of age
    • Be on leash when entering or exiting the off-leash area
    • Be under the handler’s visual contact and voice control at all times
  2. The following dogs are not allowed in the park
    • Vicious, dangerous or aggressive dogs
    • Dogs with communicable diseases
    • Dogs in heat
  3. Dog handlers must
    • Clean up after their dogs
    • Carry a leash for each dog in the park
    • Discourage dogs from excessive barking and dominating behavior
    • Stop dogs from digging and fill holes made by their dog
    • Be responsible for actions and behavior of their dogs at all times
    • Remove pinch, choke and spike collars prior to entering the park
    • Not have more than two dogs in the park at one time
  4. Electronic training devices are restricted to the training and agility area.
  5. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult.
  6. Wheeled devices, excepting wheel chairs and strollers, are not allowed.
  7. Smoking is prohibited within the fenced areas.
  8. No food allowed in the park except for small training treats.
  9. Dogs over 18 inches at the shoulder are not allowed in the small dog yard.
  10. Users of the facility do so at their own risk.
  11. Other park rules and ordinances may apply.
  12. Violations should be reported to Iowa City Animal Services at 319-356-5295.


You can download the application form for an annual dog park permit here:

Dog Park Tag Application

You can submit the completed form with payment to the Iowa City Animal Care & Adoption Center or to a dog park attendant to receive a current tag.