Thinking About Adopting?

We are very happy you have chosen Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center as the location to look for your new companion animal. We pride ourselves in offering great animals for adoption and making life long matches between animals and people. Whether you are looking for a companion, exercise buddy, sporting dog or lap cat we have the animal for you.

All animals at the Center go through behavioral and physical evaluations. We feel it is important to assist you in making your adoption decision by providing you as much information as possible about each of our animals.

What Type of Animal Should I Consider?

The Center offers many types of animals for adoption from dogs and cats to reptiles, birds, small mammals, fish and livestock. Availability depends on actual animal intakes into the facility at any given time. When considering what type of animal is best for you, your family and lifestyle consider the following questions:

  • Do you rent and does your landlord allow animals and if so what type? Is there an additional pet deposit or monthly fee?
  • How much time do you have to devote to an animal? Different animals require different care and time. Dogs, as an example, will take more time in general for exercise, training, etc. than a small mammal.
  • How much will it cost to care for your animal? Consult the cost charts provided on this page.
  • What is the right age animal for you and your family?
  • What animal is best for my children? Please consider the age of your children, their ability to share in responsible pet care with you, and supervision that will be necessary for younger children in particular to ensure the child’s and pet’s safety. Staff will assist you in choosing an appropriate animal for your age children.
  • Am I ready to commit to an animal and care for it for life? Dogs and cats can live into their late teens or even twenties; some reptiles and birds live even longer. Small mammals have shorter lifespans of generally three to seven years.

Costs of Owning a Pet

  1. Cost of Owning a Dog
  2. Cost of Owning a Small Mammal

Costs of Owning a Dog

Type of CostCost
Food and Treats$250 to $700
Toys$25 to $150
Beds$50 to $200
Leashes and Collars$20 to $50
Grooming$30 to $500
Routine Veterinary Care$500 to $1000
Preventive Medications and Supplements$100 to $300
Training Classes or Resources$25 to $300
Pet sitters or Boarding$100 to $300
Yearly Total$1100 to $3500
Average Monthly Cost of Owning a Dog$90 to $290