Chowder is a very energetic, jumpy, happy-go-lucky puppy looking for a family willing to work on training and have a consist, regular schedule to help her become the best baby she can be!  She is 5-months-old and very jumpy, loud and mouthy!  Her adult teeth have recently come in and they hurt!     As all puppies do, she needs a family willing and able to work on potty training and basic skills/ commands.  She is a very happy, cute baby but will take a lot of time from your day working on these things and finding a set routine to help you and her.  She will also require frequent grooming so please be prepared for additional grooming visits and costs each year. Chowder would do best with another dog to guide her and teach her things people can’t quite teach.  She adores other dogs and cats.  She can be loud and demanding if she is being ignored so please understand she needs a dedicated owner.  She will make you smile once you get to know her and if you have the time for her, she will become your best friend!

  1. Animal Information
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  3. Center Data
Gender Female
Age 5 Months Old
Looks Like Terrier mix
Care Environment Indoor / Outdoor
Spayed / Neutered Yes