Venus, Noah and Juno (FeLV+ kittens!)

Juno, Noah and Venus are special babies looking for a special, loving home!   They are FeLV positive kittens and looking for a home with someone who understands how special they are.  Cats with FeLV (feline leukemia virus) can live healthy lives however, they tend not to live as long as your typical cat.  These sweet babies immune systems are compromised compared to most cats and will require a stress-free home with more routine vet care to ensure  they stay healthy as can be.  These cats, though they may only live for 5 years (lifespan  varies upon each individual), are still full of life like the adorable babies you see above!  They act and look like your typical kittens.  These guys are kittens born from Sage, an FeLV positive female cat.  They would do best in a home as an only cat (unless around other FeLV positive cats and kittens or living in a separate space from other owned, healthy cats) and must live inside.  These babies do not know they are any different from any of the other cats.  Please call and ask us for more information about these sweetie pies and for more information about FeLV!  It's all about education with these amazing kitties! 
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Animal Information

Gender Female, Male, Male
Age 16 weeks old
Looks Like
Domestic short hairs
Care Environment
Spayed / Neutered
Litter Box Trained